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How it works?

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  • If I ever have any more WP problems or know of anyone else having problems, I'll highly recommend WpScout.

    Charles Gentry -

  • I Trust to manage my wordpress site and for regular security checks. I would recommend you to give it a try.

    Scott Cooper

  • My Wordpress website problem had to do with AT&T blocking my website from all of its 17,000,000 users. This had been going on for two years when I finally landed on a Wordpress forum and discovered the ScoutWP help group. These guys are internet ninjas and while they didn't solve the problem (they couldn't because only AT&T could do that) they provided specific information on malware sites associated with my website name and IP address. I provided this information to AT&T on their forum page and after 3 weeks they took the block down. Problem solved.

    Bob Lee -

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